In today’s day and age, being good enough no longer cuts it.  Instead, success is measured by always being one step ahead of the game.  Lyon Manufacturing never settles with one technology, nor do we rely on only a single method or process.  We indiscriminately keep all options on the table, and we constantly strive to be on the cutting-edge of tomorrow’s technologies.  This philosophy assures our customers that Lyon Manufacturing is an ever-changing entity that not only allows flexibility, but promotes it.

Regardless of the size or complexity of a product, new technologies are being developed every day that benefit everything from process flow to quality control.  New technologies often translate into more efficient methods.  And more efficient methods ultimately translates into minimized cost for our customers.

Whether it be a Cognex™ vision inspection system or a touchscreen Allen-Bradley™ PanelView PLC, Lyon Manufacturing is always incorporating high-tech solutions into an often lean-and-mean industry.  We believe that our orchestration of technologically-advanced applications with traditional machining practices provides unsurpassable results for our customers.

Contact Lyon Manufacturing today and let our technological advantage benefit your company.